Client Resources

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Psychiatric Crisis / Emergency Options

Sometimes we all need help.  Don’t wait… Reach out!

  1. Speak with the family members and/or friends you trust.
  2. Go to your local emergency care facility or emergency room.
  3. Call 911 and ask for assistance, you may request a Mental Health Deputy.
  4. If you are in Austin, contact the Seton Psychiatric Emergency Department at Brackenridge  512-324-7010 (24/7 Emergency Room Services) or The Austin Lakes Hospital and St. David’s Pavilion  512-544-LAKE (5253).

Crisis Hotlines


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Flyers, Handouts, and Training Materials

Young people, counselors, and parents can benefit from informational handouts that can assist with important discussions.  Please follow this link to handouts and fliers that I have curated for your educational use.

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Articles and News

This section contains informational links pertaining to mental health topics. 

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Book Recommendations

This section contains vetted book recommendations that my clients may find useful on their therapeutic journey.

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Assessments and Scales

These assessments are for exploration and discussion only; they are meant to be used in concert with a therapist.  If you choose to fill one out, please bring it to your next session with me (or another counselor) and talk about it.