Therapy and Counseling for Parent(s) of Teens or Young Adults

image of a teen and parent talking to each other after counseling

Chris and a female client walking and talkingAre you a parent or parents of a teen or adolescent and you keep getting into arguments with them? Are you tired of the constant power struggles? Have you thought of trying counseling but just haven’t found the time or place to get started? To some extent, friction between young people and parents is very normal. Healthy actually.  This is typical of young people trying to figure out how to assert their independence. However, sometimes this gets very tiring and everyone is just frustrated and not sure what to do next. I have helped young people and parents learn how to change their communication strategies. To be honest, usually, the parent can adjust a few things first to lower the confrontational aspect of the relationship that has slowly developed over time. Once the adversarial feelings dissipate, a new space will open up for interactions that are much calmer and productive. If you need to work on better communication and realistic expectations, please give me a call. Don’t wait another day. There is no commitment to therapy for just calling and talking about what’s going on.

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Chris Quaglino

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