Drug and Alcohol Assessment

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Are you wondering if you have a drug, alcohol or substance misuse issue?  Are friends or family dropping hints, or stating directly, concerns about your drug or alcohol use?  Have you tried to stop using drugs or alcohol just to prove you can?  The problem with proving you can stop is that if you can’t stop it’s too late. The point is, if you think there may be an issue, then you probably need to cut back or stop altogether before you find out you can’t. Why take the risk?  Get a full substance use assessment.

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I offer a comprehensive, evidence-based, way of determining if your substance use may be an issue.  I use the Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory (SASSI-4)* and a few other assessment tools as part of a thorough substance use assessment.  Also, in order to have the most accurate picture possible, I will request your permission to speak with family members and/or friends unless there is a compelling reason not to.  Why?  Because it is important to gather information from persons who are close to and care about you because we can fool ourselves into thinking there is no problem.  Denial is part of the nature of addiction.  We downplay the effect it is having on our lives and those around us.  It is important to more clearly see ‘the big picture’ and then to begin to turn things around.

Don’t get caught in the “I can quit whenever I want to” trap.

The assessment process should meet the needs of legal mandates, containing a full report which includes results, treatment recommendations, and referrals for assistance.  If you are dealing with court issues, please check with your attorney.

*A reliability and criterion validity report for the SASSI-4 can be found here.