Counteract the negative effect of The News on your worldview

The News… all of the News.. any News can make the world seem like a very negative place. And to be sure, in some places it is. The News is so negative it can affect the way we view our world. If our worldview is negative we can easily become frustrated, anxious or depressed without even knowing why.
What can we do to overcome these negative effects? We could stop watching the news or at least limit our exposure to it. Only checking the news once a day is a good start. Afterall, if something really newsworthy occurs someone will tell us. What I suggest is that we find one thing today that we can take action on that will help someone else. It may be simply holding a door open a little longer for them to get to in a building or car. Or, giving a spare umbrella to a homeless person standing on a street corner. Maybe it’s making that one call to a friend or family member you have been putting off because you’re embarrassed that it’s been so long since you last said you would call. Whatever it is, focus on making your tiny bit of earth a little better. Someone may in-kind do this for you. And if everyone on Earth did this we might actually make The News. If you are so stuck this feels like I’m asking too much of you, reach out to someone or give me a call. Let’s get you moving again.

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