NONO to the News

Let’s talk about NONO. And I don’t mean an Italian Grandfather. I speaking of Negative Overwhelming News Overload. Constantly checking the news can make the world seem like a very negative place. And to be sure, some places are experiencing very unpleasant events that make the news overwhelmingly, well, negative. And we don’t get news stories just once at 5:30 pm like in the old days. We expose ourselves to the same negative news story over and over through a variety of sources all throughout our day. This has a huge, negative impact on the way we view our world. And, if our worldview is negative, we can easily become overwhelmed with frustration, anxiety, or even depression. Wow, that’s a lot of negatives. I propose eight ways to counter this negativity.
  1. Limit your exposure. Check the news only once or twice a day. Others will let you know if something really big happens.
  2. Make a call to a friend or family member you have been putting off (and don’t talk about the news).
  3. Do some box breathing.
  4. Read something enjoyable just for fun.
  5. Make time for yoga, a walk, or exercise.
  6. Write down some gratitudes.
  7. Take positive action to reverse the negative news you were exposed to (donate your time or money or invest in some self-education).
  8. (Insert your NONO resolution here!)


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